Saturday, September 3, 2011

new shoes

I have gone far too long without the luxury of shoe shopping. I've also gone without clothes shopping. Mamacita and I decided to go shopping.. with the idea of getting new clothes that actually fit me. I hate shopping for clothes.. they never fit how they should.. so off to the shoes I go!

I found a couple pairs of shoes, I lost Mom, so I kept looking at the shoes. Meandering down the aisles, looking at beautiful apparel for my feet.. and I saw them!!

First thoughts: Oh! Those are slightly hideous. Who would ever wear those?
Then I thought a bit more about them, and I decided: Oh. I would!

Neon animal print high heels.. how could I pass them up?

Monday.. Onto my feet these shoes go! What a great day I had! Although nothing entirely magnificent occurred, I would find my thoughts wandering throughout the day. Wherever my thoughts were headed, they quickly took a sidetrack to my feet.. "What fabulous things I'm walking in!"

Great shoes make you feel 100% hot. Crappy hair? That's unfortunate. Ugly face? Too bad. Unsightly clothes? You've had better days. But check out these shoes! What else matters??

Monday, August 29, 2011

reality check

I've got loads of movies. It's a bit of a problem. Often I'll find a movie that I haven't seen, but am interested in watching... so I buy the movie. Most of the time, I end up enjoying the movie.. since most of the movies I buy are chick flicks and have happy endings. I'm a sucker for "Happily Ever After."

There have been a few times that I've purchased a movie, watched it, and hated it! I always give movies a chance. I'll watch it once, but I don't need to see it again after that. Sometimes the movie has got to grow on me, and when I'm forced to watch it again and again, I can start to appreciate it.

In my mind, a good movie is based off the ending. Granted, the plot of the movie can't be entirely awful and mind-numbing, but generally, if the antagonist of the movie gets caught, the protagonist and his love interest end up together, and the couple has a Fairytale ending, that movie is alright by me.

Recently, I was uprooted. Jane Austen. By my movie definition, her books/movies are perfect. "Becoming Jane." Great! I love Jane Austen movies. I heard it was good. It's $5. Sold! I put it on and prepared myself for a love story. Oh it was a love story, but it had the worst ending ever!!!


This movie was like a docu-drama of Jane Austen. She had a love story and I was loving where things were going. It had the classic... Guy 1 wants to marry her. She doesn't love him. Guy 2 wants to marry her. She wants to marry him. They love each other! Due to finances, it doesn't work and Guy 2 finds some other rich chick. He can't go through with it. He loves Jane! They plan to run away together. Here's where I started getting upset: Jane realizes Guy 2 would never be able to provide for her and all his siblings. He wants to work it out with her. She leaves him. She never gets married. Guy 2 does. He names his first daughter Jane.

You can see my frustration. I expected love and happiness. This was a literal love story. Many people enjoy these movies because they're able to relate. I say... Life can be crappy enough. Love is hard enough to find. I don't want to watch more hard life with no love.

After this movie, I was in a contemplative, slightly depressive mood. I couldn't shake the movie! It made me wonder, "Is real love out there?" "Can a perfect love even exist??" In the movie, Jane began writing "Pride and Prejudice." 

Her sister asks: How does it begin?
Jane: Bad
Sister: Then?
Jane: It gets worse.

I don't recall the direct quote, but Jane had referenced the characters in her books as getting everything they wanted. Jane's life was rocky. She had a chance for fortune. She turned it down. She had a chance for love. She turned it down. Jane did not get everything she wanted. It made me think... we're in control of what we get. We must live for today. Yesterday already happened. We can't change that. We never know what tomorrow will bring, or if it will even come. We can't live on maybes and ifs. IF these 2 stayed together and toughed out the hardships of life, maybe they still would have ended up in their prominent positions. Maybe they wouldn't have. It didn't seem like either of them were super happy or satisfied with where their lives had taken them.

My life began. Then it got worse and is continuing to do so. But I WILL end up with everything I want.

Wednesday, August 17, 2011

time travel

It's always difficult to plan how much time you need to get places. It's more difficult to plan how much time you need to get somewhere 40-ish miles away via freeway travel.

With my move comes a much longer travel-time/distance to get to work everyday. Lucky for me, I get to drive through lots of construction with diesels on one side and cement walls of doom on the other. Some days bring me cars that are slower than molasses. Some days I get boxed in between diesels, doom walls, and molasses cars. These days I start to worry about making it to work on time.

Other days, there are cars on the freeway with me, but they're either really slow or really fast. Perfect speeds for me to maneuver my way through at speeds between 5 and 10 over the speed limit... cops won't pull me over for that, right? These days I worry about what I'm going to do at work for 20 minutes before my shift starts.

I guess it's good that my car clock:

appears the way it does. I don't stress or worry about how late or early I'm running. I can't! Sometimes I can... If I push on the display in just the right spot, the numbers will show up. As soon as I stop pushing the display, it's back to alien time travelling display.

Occasionally, as happened today, I get in the mindless routine of driving. Long, straight, boring drive to make every day. On my way home, naturally I was paying attention to the road and cars around me, but all of a sudden, I found myself driving in the carpool lane. How is it that one can operate a vehicle of such power, stay in the winding lanes, avoid collisions with other cars, but not realize where they are and what lane they're in?

Too bad I can't apparate instantly instead.

Monday, August 15, 2011

now you see it, now you don't

I'm convinced that spiders are going to take over the world... at least my world.

To understand why, you must first read a post I made 2 years ago...
***I hate spiders. In fact, I loathe them with every conscious and unconscious part of my body. These past few weeks have brought me MANY encounters with these unfriendly spiders. I'm quite positive that they're out to get me, they know what I've done to their other spider friends, and they're determined to make me pay. It has been soo littered with spiders in my bedroom, that I have taken to sleeping on the couch upstairs.

Every evening, I tell my parents what HORRIBLE things have happened to me. I don't want them to be selfish and get all the enjoyment of my spider tales, and so I share to the rest of the world.

I will begin relating my series of spider events for your horror. I won't reveal my past encounters, which were far worse than any of my future encounters may be, but will begin with the occurrence last night.

I'm minding my own business, just getting ready for bed. I brush my teeth, wash my face...the usual. I'm going to the other side of the bathroom, and peek in the I always do thanks to my paranoia...and there's a spider on the shower floor! I grabbed my 1 inch thick flipflop that stays in the bathroom specifically to kill spiders, and *SMACK* I killed the spider! This is the grossest part....shield your eyes and turn off your computer now if you must...

Three or four spider legs were on the bathroom floor while the rest of the spider was on the bottom of my shoe. Two of the spider legs in the shower were violently twitching! There was no body attached! It was just two floating spider legs tremoring and twitching! I was utterly shocked! But really I didn't care. I was just glad the spider was dead. Quinette-1. Spider-oh that's right. You're dead!

To prove the spider population problem in my room, I'm posting my spider trap. This amount is nowhere near the amount that I've already killed in my room. And because spiders are so disturbing, these spiders are all dead!***

Disturbing right? Spiders have been coming after me for years.
I recently moved. In the process of unpacking, I found a little moth, dead and fallen, in the crack between the floor and baseboard. "Eh, I'll vacuum it up later." That evening, 5 spiders were killed... one in the shower, sneaky little bug, and one on the bathroom floor. I don't touch dead spiders... they crunch and they're gross. So... "Eh, I'll vacuum it up later."

Killed another spider the next evening. Sprayed it to death with my hairspray. Also noticed that the moth is gone..? That's weird. I sure know I didn't pick it up... "Oh well. Maybe someone else got it."

Morning. Walk into the bathroom to primp for the day. Spider is gone!! Positive that when a spider has been in a ball with it's legs folded up for a day and a half, it's dead. Don't think Spider flipped over and walked away. I KNOW no one cleaned up Spider.

Conclusion: There's a man-eating spider living amongst me. He started with a moth. He moved to his own kind. He's coming after me next.