Saturday, September 3, 2011

new shoes

I have gone far too long without the luxury of shoe shopping. I've also gone without clothes shopping. Mamacita and I decided to go shopping.. with the idea of getting new clothes that actually fit me. I hate shopping for clothes.. they never fit how they should.. so off to the shoes I go!

I found a couple pairs of shoes, I lost Mom, so I kept looking at the shoes. Meandering down the aisles, looking at beautiful apparel for my feet.. and I saw them!!

First thoughts: Oh! Those are slightly hideous. Who would ever wear those?
Then I thought a bit more about them, and I decided: Oh. I would!

Neon animal print high heels.. how could I pass them up?

Monday.. Onto my feet these shoes go! What a great day I had! Although nothing entirely magnificent occurred, I would find my thoughts wandering throughout the day. Wherever my thoughts were headed, they quickly took a sidetrack to my feet.. "What fabulous things I'm walking in!"

Great shoes make you feel 100% hot. Crappy hair? That's unfortunate. Ugly face? Too bad. Unsightly clothes? You've had better days. But check out these shoes! What else matters??

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